May 2024 – HER-d That!

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School is very necessary for creating an educational environment where students can grow in terms of knowledge and interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. However, when individuals go above and beyond to actively participate in school, not only in academics but also in activities, events, and clubs, they contribute to the overall success of the school, themselves, and their community. In Rainbow, we encourage members to devote themselves to supporting the public schools of America so we can help support education to help this and future generations grow their knowledge.

On April 1st, Emily Stokel was featured in an article on Seacoast Online that detailed five exemplary students on the seacoast. Emily was described as a “leader among leaders” as well as being mentioned as a competitive swimmer and in the top 10 in her class. Here is a little more about what they had to say.

“Emily Stokel is, by far, one of the most academically talented student-athletes we have ever encountered. She has consistently enrolled in an array of challenging AP/Honors and Dual Enrollment classes and is ranked in the top ten of her class. She is active with our school swim team and swims competitively year-round with a club team. The time commitment necessary to successfully balance academics and this level of athletics is impressive, and Emily makes the task seem effortless.

Emily is a leader among leaders here at PHS and often steps forward to assist as an S2S member (Student 2 Student Mentor). Emily recently helped to plan, organize, and facilitate the 8th Grade Parent/Student Open House here at PHS, where 8th graders and parents learned about course offerings, block scheduling, and the ins and outs of the high school. Additionally, Emily is involved with We Speak/Social Justice and the ECO Club. She is passionate about generating long-term change in her community through her work with the Environmental/Eco Club and We Speak. Within We Speak, she has served as the co-president, has been instrumental in working towards equity and inclusion here at school and in the community at large, and has served on the District Equity Council.

Emily is also a dedicated member of the Educator Rising Group, where she has competed on the state and national levels and has been a presenter on important issues in education at a variety of conferences.

Emily can be counted on by peers and faculty alike to help in any situation. Her energy and leadership will be missed once she graduates in June.”

Emily was initiated into Exeter Assembly #20 in 2018. Since then, she has supported not only her assembly in a variety of offices but also New Hampshire IORG as a past Grand Representative in New Hampshire. 

Emily has clearly dedicated herself beyond imagination to her community and school, and we can all look to her as a clear example of what it means to be a motivated, passionate, and successful leader in our communities.

We HER-d that!


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