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Members of NH Rainbow (both Active and Majority members) are encouraged to apply to a variety of scholarships to support their ongoing educational efforts. Beyond the many noted here, all are encouraged to reach out to their local sponsoring bodies which may also have programs available.

Knights Templar Educational Scholarship

Beginning in 1922, the Grand Encampment launched the Knights Templar Educational Foundation to provide educational advantages to the youth of America, enabling them to become better citizens of our country. Since then, the NH Knights Templar have provided hundreds of young men and women with the opportunity to support their educational goals with much needed scholarships.

Due Date: March 10th

NH Rainbow / NH Grand Lodge “Hope for the Future” Scholarship

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, NH Rainbow and NH Grand Lodge formed a joint scholarship partially funded by both organizations.  Over the years, NH Rainbow dedicate certain fundraising efforts such as our annual Mr NH Rainbow pageant, our statewide scholarship banks, and many other efforts to support this scholarship.  Together with the funds received from Grand Lodge, many of our members each year receive a scholarship toward their future education at our annual Grand Assembly sessions.

Due Date: April 15th

NH Scottish Rite Scholarships

The NH Scottish Rite bodies offer scholarships for those continuing their education and are members of NH Scottish Rite Masons, their family members, or members of Masonic-related youth groups in NH. All are encouraged to apply for the William E Bryant or the Leon M Abbott Scholarship through their local Scottish Rite Valley office.

Due Date: April 1st

Scottish Rite Scholarships

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Inc. places great importance on continuing education.  So much so that they offer more than 15 scholarships to United States citizens and U.S. permanent residents for study within the U.S. at accredited public or private colleges, universities, or trade schools.

Due Date: Varies by scholarship

Robbin and Alan Grill Scholarship

Sponsored by two longtime supporters of NH Rainbow, the Robbin and Alan Grill Scholarship is awarded to an active member of NH Rainbow continuing her education.  In the application, the member must speak to how Rainbow has made a significant impact on their young lives. The scholarship is awarded by Dad Grill at our annual Grand Assembly Sessions.

Due Date: April 15th

Rainbow girl receiving Grill Scholarship at Grand Assembly

NH Majority Association Scholarship

NH Rainbow continues to support our Majority members beyond their active duties in our Order.  The Majority Association Scholarship is presented to a Majority member who is furthering her education in an institution of higher learning or professional certification programs. Throughout the year, the Majority Association has a variety of fun activities focused on raising funds for this worthwhile program including our annual Tele-Rainbow program held at our Annual Grand Assembly Sessions.

Due Date: June 1st

NH Grand Lodge Scholarship

The NH Grand Lodge offers a variety of scholarships awarded to young men and women in NH who are furthering their education.

Due Date: April 1st

Rainbow girl receiving Grand Lodge scholarship at Grand Assembly

NH Order of the Eastern Star

The NH Order of the Eastern Star offers many different scholarships dependent on your educational goals:

  • Albert D Miner – for those attending a trade school
  • NH OES Educational Scholarship – for those attending a 4-year educational institution
  • Mable Temple Newton Educational Scholarship – for those attending a 4-year educational institution
  • ESTARL (Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership) – for those who are seeking to continue their education in the religious field, either as a minister, lay person, a director of church music, youth leadership, religious education, or any other study related to religion

Due Date: June 1st

NH Charitable Foundation (OES Youth Committee Scholarship)

The OES Youth Committee created a special scholarship for NH youth as part of their group’s efforts.  Now, this scholarship is managed by the NH Charitable Foundation.

Due Date: April 15th

William H Greenough Scholarship for Continuing Education

The William H Greenough Scholarship sponsored by Jewell Lodge in Pembroke, NH, offers an opportunity for the youth to apply for funds to further their educational goals. Civic and school involvement focused on service and volunteering are key aspects of this application.

Due Date: March 31st

Denise J Dunn Scholarship

Denise J Dunn was a PWA of Milford Assembly #13, IORG.  During her freshman year at Southern NH University in 1986, she met a tragic and untimely death in an automobile accident on her way home from school.  It is in her memory that this scholarship is dedicated.

Due Date: May 1st


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