Milford Assembly #13  

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We meet on the first and third Mondays of each month (except for July and August) at 7 pm at the Milford Masonic Temple,
located at 30 Mont Vernon Rd, Milford, NH (603) 673-3681

Fall 2017 Officers
Worthy Advisor Brigid Popores
Religion Mariah Littlefield
Nature Shea Wilkins Fleck
Immortality Sarah Curfman
Fidelity Olivia Gonio
Service Kyra Whitehead
Members Cheyanne Littlefield, Lilly Gonio

Advisory BoardPam Traurig, Mother Advisor; Mark Langis, Dick Welch, Becky Hart, Jess Martz, Diane Williamson, Jen Martz, Kathleen Popores, Mary Jane Littlefield, Lisa Hollis, Carol Martz (ex officio) and Roberta Langis (ex officio)

Term info
Theme Make Way for Ducklings
Mascots Mr & Mrs Mallard, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouck, Pack and Quack
Colors Duckling Yellow, Swan White, Officer Clancy Blue, Cattail Brown, Autumn Orange, Mr. Mallard Green
Quote "Home is where the heart is."
Song "Home"
Flower Cattail
Charity NICU Babies