Nykola Isaia
Grand Worthy Advisor

Theme:  Face Your Fears with New Hampshire Rainbow

Charity:  Girls at Work Inc

Service Project:  Be Fearless for the Future

Colors:  Sully blue, Mike Wazowski green, Boo purple, Roz red, Scream can yellow and George orange

Symbols:  doors, eyes, scream canisters, socks, scare game trophy, books and worker hats

Flower:  purple orchid

Song:  "If I Didn't Have You" by Randy Newman

Honored Station:  Love

Quote:  "Keep surprising people" - Dean Hardscrabble

GO Name: Sneaky Scarers

GO Mascots: Sully and Mike

GR Name: Mighty Monsters

GR Mascots: various monsters

Newsletter: Monstropolis monthly