Grand Officers 2018-19 ~ Kindred Kama’aina

Grand Worthy Advisor Madeline Going Nashua
Grand Worthy Associate Advisor Nykola Isaia Goffstown
Grand Charity Catie Brown Derry
Grand Hope Rose Smart Exeter
Grand Faith &
      Jr GEC Chair
Caitlyn Edwards Nashua
Grand Recorder/Historian &
      Liaison to DeMolay
Brooke Thomson Derry
Grand Chaplain Bailey Haines Rochester
Grand Drill Leader Kayleigh Maier Nashua
Grand Love &
      Ambassador to Pledges
Jackie Desrosiers Nashua
Grand Religion Brigid Popores Milford
Grand Nature &
      Honored Station
Cheyenne Isaia Goffstown
Grand Immortality Sarah Jache Pemigewassett
Grand Fidelity &
      Ambassador to Grand Representatives
Jaeda Bastien Exeter
Grand Patriotism Cynthia Sprince Derry
Grand Service Jocelynn Grabowski Exeter
Grand Confidential Observer &
      Trailer to Supreme Inspector
Tapanga Cook Pemigewassett
State Mother Advisor

State Dad Advisor

State Grand Deputy

Supreme Inspector
Gretta Smith

Chris Busby

Stacy Desrosiers, PGWA

Joan L Smith