Derry Assembly #15  

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We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at 7 pm at the Masonic Hall in Derry, located at 58 East Broadway St, Derry, NH (603) 432-9711
Pledge Girls meet on the fourth Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Spring 2018 Officers
Worthy Advisor Cynthia Sprince, PWA
Worthy Associate Advisor Catie Brown, PWA
Charity Brooke Thomson, PWA
Hope Lilliana Nelson
Members Amanda Thomson, PWA and Danialys Cyr-Acevedo

Advisory Board Shelley Gullett, Mother Advisor; Caroline Brown, Robert Brown, David McClane, Crystal Hoon, Cassie Lowell, Pamella Taylor, Jeremy Ledoux, Guy Joyce, Lisa Joyce and John Flaherty

Term info
Theme A Walk Through the Sakura Garden with Derry Rainbow
Motto Not seeing is a flower
Mascot Flying Bison
Colors Sakura Pink, Shino Shrine Red, Rising Sun Orange, Sake White
Quote "When the moon its your eye like a big pizza pie- Macklmore"
Song History Makers ~ Dean Fujioka
Flower Cherry Blossoms
sakura garden